Welcome to Cape Cod

We've had the pleasure of spending two weeks exploring Cape Cod this summer. We've enjoyed some beach time, biking, boat watching and lobstah eating.

Before coming here I had a vague idea of what Cape Cod was but really didn't know much about the area. Here's a map to help you visualize where Cape Cod is and where the campgrounds are we stayed in:

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-1_zps5ae2a120.jpg

Everywhere you look you'll find nautical influences-

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-6_zps08628627.jpg

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-5_zps3800f925.jpg

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-7_zpsac38a8ad.jpg

We spent many hours around the water while on the cape watching boats go by. This is the Cape Cod Canal that separates the cape from the main land. There's a great paved trail on both sides of the canal for biking or walking (or running in you're a runner).

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-4_zpscc247994.jpg

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-2_zps537abfcd.jpg

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-3_zps1adf7ac8.jpg

Being so close to the sea means affordable Lobstah!!! (Lobstah is how Lobster is pronounced up here). We've learned to cook it ourselves, so far the lobsters we've cooked have submitted to the boiling water with out too much of a fight.

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-8_zps12789c71.jpg

 photo 7-23-14WelcometoCapeCod-9_zps357943c4.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

Hi everyone!

 photo photo4_zps2fc8520d.jpg

This week I went to Petsmart. I don't really enjoy shopping but Michelle and Matt took me after my vet appointment around the whole Petsmart store. My vet appointment went well by the way, I'm all healthy!

Anyway, while shopping, Michelle got me a bow tie. I'm not usually a fan of wearing collars but, I really like this one and haven't tried to take it off yet, I think I look pretty handsome.

 photo photo2_zps957b3e55.jpg

 photo photo1_zps2ce4ae2a.jpg

All that shopping made me so tired since it occurred during my usual nap time. Don't worry, I'm catching up on my sleep!

 photo photo3_zpsc10e4e0d.jpg


Mystic, CT

Ahhh Mystic, such a cute seaside town. I love it because it's calm, there's seafood, it feels like an authentic non commercial place, there's plenty of boat watching (I love boat watching) and there are tons of old beautiful homes to see (I love looking at old beautiful homes). Enjoy these photos from one of my favorite New England places (so far).

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-11_zps7347363f.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-01_zpsdbe99010.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-02_zpsd7376bc6.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-03_zpsd643f111.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-04_zpsccba41d8.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-05_zps21506969.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-06_zps06e50372.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-07_zps10078f98.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-08_zps69546b78.jpg

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-09_zpsc6fc6273.jpg
Look who we found! Lauren and Nikita (Michelle's college roomies) are on vacation and had dinner with us!

 photo 7-16-14MysticCT-10_zps77426013.jpg


Tahoe Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everybody!

 photo photo2_zps88564534.jpg

This week I got inside of a paper bag. I'm able to get into impressively small places-

 photo photo1_zps2af9eab3.jpg

Then after getting out of the bag I laid on Matt's computer while he did some work.

 photo photo_zps2af9eab3.jpg

What have you been up to this week?