Southern New Hampshire and the Lakes Region

After leaving Maine we headed inland to another New England state, New Hampshire. Our first night in NH we spent at a berry farm and orchard. Those are the White Mountains in the background there.

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-01_zpsaf1e3685.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-02_zpseae55d67.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-03_zpsb59fa78f.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-04_zps7ed3c83a.jpg

As far as we could tell, New Hampshire doesn't have any big cities which is neat to experience. This is the Concord, NH Courthouse-

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-05_zps021bbc40.jpg

NH is famous for covered bridges, they are so quaint!

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-06_zps69f237af.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-07_zps55bf7108.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-08_zps6ea51a2b.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-09_zps088a24d8.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-10_zps3a35e00b.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-11_zpsee5c3af5.jpg

This is Lake Winnipesaukee! It's a huge lake and a very pretty with clear water and beautiful forest surrounding the lake. 

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-12_zps283eacb7.jpg

 photo 8-29-14SouthernNewHampshire-13_zpsf86cb0af.jpg

After the Lakes region we move on to the White Mountains!


Wells, Maine

After an amazing trip to Acadia National Park we stopped at the Moody Beach Thousand Trails Campground in Wells, Maine. This is one of the best locations for a Thousand Trails Park! I was able to ride my bike to the beach everyday and spend lots of time on the huge beaches of Wells!

 photo photo2-1_zps3b42514d.jpg

The weather was a mixture of warm sunny days and rainy days that were still pretty-

 photo photo1-1_zps6d15641f.jpg

 photo photo_zpsd56bd801.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-01_zps40829dfb.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-10_zps781e08f7.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-09_zpsbd18e298.jpg

Of course we ate more lobster because when in Maine, eat Lobster!

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-08_zps640145fc.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-07_zpscbef8403.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-06_zpsdffd7c99.jpg

The town is fun to walk around with lots of shops to browse-

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-05_zps2d5dbad4.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-02_zps05d185ef.jpg

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-04_zps07be192c.jpg

One of the funny things people that own the beach front homes do is block off part of the beach in front of their house with seaweed that's washed up so the commoners know not to get inside their private area!

 photo 8-27-14WellsME-MoodyBeach-03_zpse7a4cf60.jpg

After Wells we say goodbye to the ocean for a while and head inland to New Hampshire then Vermont!


Tahoe Tuesday

 photo photo1_zps8d3c8fc0.jpg

Did y'all see the whale watching post on the blog yesterday? Usually I think my Tahoe Tuesday posts are the best thing about this blog but, that video is pretty neat. I didn't know my humans saw such neat things when they leave the trailer for the day.

I'm having a good week here in the Airstream.

 photo photo2_zps96d748c7.jpg

I hope you have a good week too!


Whale Watching!

The most amazing part of our trip to Acadia was going on a whale watching tour! We got an amazing show from the whales! Check out the below video-

As you can tell, everyone on the boat was extremely excited by the whales!