Tahoe Tuesday

Hi! As you can tell from the last blog post, we're in Florida! Matt and Michelle keep going to the beach without me. I keep getting in the cooler in hopes that they'll get the hint that I'd like to go too!

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Until they let me come to the beach with them I'll keep playing with my toys-

 photo photo2_zps5c90df82.jpg
Thanks Aunt Dorothy for my toy!

And sitting like a little human in the chair.

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30A is A-Ok!

Have you heard of 30A? It's a section of beaches in the Florida Panhandle on HWY 30A. This is a stretch of perfect, cute and picturesque little beach towns with a mixture of brand new housing communities and a few older ones. Overall the area feels like vacation. I saw a t-shirt that said "I Crave 30A". I can see why this stretch of Florida beaches is a vacation mecca for many people!

 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-10_zps27961e5c.jpg

 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-01_zpsa1d9410e.jpg

After leaving New Orleans, Matt and I drove across Mississippi and Alabama hugging the coast. It's fun to see how the coast changes from swamp land to the beaches of Biloxi back to to a mixture of swamp and beach in Alabama. On our drive we saw 2 alligators just off the side of the road in Alabama!

We arrived to 30A and Matt's parents met us there. Here are some photos from our time in 30A-

 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-04_zps5dbb7cbe.jpg
A snow cone out of an Airstream in Seaside. This is a size small by the way!
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-09_zpsdb182424.jpg
Pretty Beach!
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-06_zpsf357a652.jpg
One of the new housing developments. The area is beautiful and the houses are over the top.
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-08_zpsb5ea1773.jpg
This guy has a water jet coming from his feet and the jet ski is following him around. It's alot more minimal than jet packing but would probably be alot harder to stay in the air!
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-02_zpsf7abacb8.jpg
Panama City Beach
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-07_zpsb90d35d4.jpg
Matt's parents enjoying some Korbel on the beach.
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-03_zps5d76e168.jpg
Pretty New Orleans Style home! I'm currently obsessed with New Orleans style after going there.
 photo 4-11-1430ALuxeLandYacht-05_zpsd56876c6.jpg
Some local art
After the beaches of 30A we're rounding the panhandle of Florida and heading to the Tampa area to check out the beaches of Clearwater!


New Orleans in the Rain

We got quite a lot of rain while we were in New Orleans but couldn't let that keep us sitting inside! Thanks to Peri Dean from Tales From the Camping House for our photos of our day exploring New Orleans in the rain! Jim and Peri are RVers we met in Yosemite National Park! We've kept in touch with each other and got to see them again for a couple of days in New Orleans.

We arrived to our parking lot on Canal Street that morning to find huge rivers of water. I tried to keep my feet dry but ended up just having to walk straight through the puddles. The water was everywhere and unavoidable!

 photo IMG_1337_zps4cb7f5a8.jpg

 photo IMG_1339_zps6799d8fa.jpg

We walked to the street car and rode it the the Garden District. The street cars of New Orleans are pretty with shiny wood interiors.

 photo IMG_1344_zps4cf89985.jpg

We toured around the Garden District and into one of the cemetaries.

 photo IMG_1367_zps7a7754e4.jpg

Next we went to Mother's for lunch. We waited outside in the rain because we were already wet anyway and knew the food would be worth the wait.

 photo IMG_1422_zps07e033a6.jpg

 photo IMG_1423_zpsac26675e.jpg

We ended the night back at the RV with a cajun feast of crawfish!

 photo IMG_1432_zpsf9380255.jpg

With a good rain coat and an umberella the rain isn't so bad when you're in a city like New Orleans!


Tahoe Tuesday!

Hi everybody! I've had a pretty exciting week around here. I got to see a frog first of all. It was little and green. It was pretty interesting and hopped really far.

 photo photo1_zpsb72a75ca.jpg

I also realized that my whole body fills up the sink now. I'm glad I still fit in the sink because it's really comfortable to sleep in. It's just crazy that I used to sleep in this exact same sink and not fill it up like I do now.

 photo photo4_zpsbaad1db4.jpg

Did you know that I love treats? Who doesn't right? These are my favorite kind. Sometimes I hide under the couch and Matt or Michelle call me to come out. I never come when they call me because if I wait they will shake this bag and I immediately come running! I then get a treat and think how smart I am that I waited for them to shake the bag.

 photo photo2_zpse9be0a27.jpg

Lastly I was on the computer this week and got really tired. I just work so hard that I need to take about 10 naps per day.

 photo photo3_zps2dacf662.jpg

I hope you have a great week and I'll see you next time!


New Orleans

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-01_zpsd1470c11.jpg

Oh New Orleans how I love you! There's just something about this city that is fascinating to me. Maybe it's the food, maybe it's the history, or the style but this is one of my favorite cities.

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-06_zps51b5b420.jpg

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-07_zps78f69bd3.jpg

We stayed at Bayou Segnette State Park which was about 12 miles south of the French Quarter. It was an amazing park and I recommend it to anyone going to New Orleans with an RV. The campground has water and electric, huge pretty sites and is $20 which is about as cheap as you can get for New Orleans.

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-14_zps00a95b00.jpg

Now, let's take a moment in this post to talk about all the food we enjoyed in New Orleans! Matt and I are huge cajun food fans so obviously we were in heaven in this city.

We ate beignets (twice)-

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-03_zps4c8493f5.jpg

PoBoys and Crawfish Etouffee at Mother's-

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-04_zpsee01d519.jpg

A crawfish platter at Ralph and Kacoos-

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-02_zps828007b7.jpg

Drank a Hurricane at Pat O'Briens-

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-05_zps6d39e879.jpg

After all that eating out, we decided to take advantage of all the seafood for sale and make our own food. We also had to buy a deep frier. That's right, we are the proud owners of a frier and will now try our best not to fry every meal!

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-09_zps1df7870f.jpg

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-08_zpsda395646.jpg

Here's our cajun feast we shared with our friends Jim and Peri, check out their blog here!-

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-11_zps8351c635.jpg

Sorry little crawfish, you don't stand a chance down here, you taste too good not to eat!

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-10_zps77828331.jpg

My favorite neighborhood I've ever explored is now The Garden District in New Orleans. It it full of beautiful old southern homes that transport you back in time.

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-12_zpsafbf9d27.jpg

Here's one of the famous New Orleans cemeteries in the Garden District. We toured around it in the pouring rain. It was so facsinating to see graves dating back to the 1800's, some went back as far as the 1700's.

 photo 4-5-14NewOrleansLuxeLandYacht-13_zpsc381a9b4.jpg

I love this city and will be back again hopefully many times in my lifetime!